Client Comments

I was on an executive assignment in Melbourne for IBM Business Consulting Services in 2004. I fell in love with Australia and decided it would be great to become a permanent resident here. So, I interviewed 10+ migration agents and immigration lawyers whom I found via the yellow pages and personal referrals. Janaka was the 8th person I spoke with.

Though he was not the cheapest, Janaka’s professionalism, friendliness and attention to detail clearly separated him for the rest. His performance was exceptional throughout the process. He did not waste my time or money and delivered the results he promised. He is a very honest and trustworthy individual. I have referred close personal friends and family members to him.

Now I am permanent resident of Australia currently residing in the United States. I have great pleasure in recommending Janaka to whoever needs help with migration issues in Australia. If you would like to contact me directly to gain a reference for Janaka, please ask him to provide you with my e-mail address and I will be happy to speak with you personally.

Former IBM Business Consulting Services Project Manager

Hello My name is Elvin Ko and I work for Yemen Labels & Co ltd. in Singapore. I have known Janaka for the last 4 yrs, but memories of my first of contact with him are still very fresh in my mind. It did not take me long to realize that he is person who was very upfront and did not want to give false hopes. When I took my case to him, his comments were not so encouraging. He told me that it was not going to be an easy one, but he assured me that he would do his best. In less than 6 months of my meeting him I was able to get a Temporary Business Visa. And with his advice and guidance today, 4 yrs later I am a happy Australian Permanent Resident. My company sponsored me under the Employee Sponsorship Scheme and I have been with them ever since. Not only me, even the company that I work for, Yemen Labels has a great regard for Janaka. Anything to do with Immigration Janaka is their first point of contact. He is their advisor on any immigration matters.

I have no hesitation in recommending Janaka to anybody who would want to get a professional service at a reasonable cost and to have the feeling of security that your case in competent hands

My name is Suhail & I am an IT Professional currently residing in the USA. I came to know Janaka through my friend Minal Metha, who sought Janaka’s help to assist her in her migration matter.

I retained Janaka’s services and within a short period I got my PR. But then things started going the wrong way for me. Due to unforeseen circumstances well beyond my control I just could not make the initial entry prior to the due date given by the Australian Immigration Authorities. Janaka went out of his way to tell me the importance of this very crucial day and tried his best to persuade me to come to Australia even a day prior to the initial entry date, but my circumstances were such that I just could not do it.

I knew all the time that due to my age I would not be successful if I lodge a fresh application but still there was nothing else that I could do. Apart from his professionalism, friendliness and politeness what I value in Janaka most is his perseverance. He did not want to give up. He listened carefully to my circumstances and then he asked me to send various documentation to substantiate my ‘unforeseen circumstance’ which prevented me from making my initial entry. Although I had given up hopes of migrating to Australia ever again, Janaka gave me hopes and persuaded me to get all the documents and we made an appeal to the department. To our utmost surprise the department accepted the appeal that Janaka lodged on my behalf and the end result was that I got my visa.

Janaka, I am sorry that I could not meet with you when I came to Melbourne, Australia, as I stayed only for 3 days. I am very eager to see you and put a face to the person with whom I have spoken so much over the phone, who helped me so much, gave me hope when I had given up and helped me to make my dream come true. I am planning to come to Australia in the near future and the first thing that want to do would be to come and see you personally to say a ‘Big Thank You’ to you my saviour.


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