• Do I need a skills assessment?

    • This depends largely on the type of visa you apply for and also your occupation.
      Skilled visas and most employer sponsored visas require a skills assessment. A skills assessment is conducted by particular assessing bodies which will determine whether your qualifications and experience match up to that required in Australian workforce.
      Other occupations, such as doctors, are required to obtain registration prior to being eligible to apply.
      We can advise you on what requirements exist for your particular occupation
  • Do I need to do an English test?

    • All adult skilled visa applicants must meet the English requirement. This can be satisfied in numerous ways and is most commonly fulfilled by undertaking the IELTS examination.

      Primary applicants undertaking IELTS must obtain at least 6 for each component. Secondary applicants (partners, dependent parents, etc.) undertaking IELTS must obtain at least 4.5 overall.

  • Which type of IELTS should I undertake?

    • This depends largely on which occupation you fall under. Most IT and engineering professionals only need to under IELTS GENERAL.Various other occupations, such as nurses, teachers and accountants, to name a few, a required to undertake IELTS ACADEMIC
  • What is an EOI?

    • An EOI is an expression of interest. This is lodged to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and once the Department considers your EOI, they decide whether to send you an invitation to apply.
  • What is the balance of family test?

    • This is only applicable to parent visas. This is where at least half of the parent’s children must be permanent residents of Australia OR they have more children permanently residing in Australia than any other country
  • What do once you are in Australia?

    • Once you become a permanent resident and purchase a property, you could be eligible for the first home buyer’s grant – see further http://www.firsthome.gov.au
      If you plan to purchase a car, always make sure you visit the State Department of Transport and ensure that your car has no encumbrances on the property