Temporary Work Visas

A Temporary Work Visa is a  visa that allows you to come and work in Australia with an employer for up to 4 years. It is a three part process, requiring an employer to obtain sponsorship approval and to nominate the proposed position, and requiring the applicant to apply for the visa.

For the visa applicant, the basic requirements include:

  • being sponsored by an approved employer to work in a nominated position
  • meeting the relevant skills, English, character and health requirements
  • meeting registration and licensing obligations (if any)

For the employer, the basic requirements include:

  • proving that the employer cannot find a suitable candidate within Australia
  • offering the proposed worker market salary and terms & conditions that are equivalent to similar domestic workers
  • meeting the training requirements

At Jade Lawyers Network, we assist clients from start to end for Temporary Work Visas, including advising employers of their sponsorship obligations.

If you have an offer of employment in Australia or you are an employer wanting to bring a foreign worker to Australia, please contact us for advice.

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